15 May 2008

The Card Tree

Hi Everyone!

I've been so busy lately that didn't have much time to write...!
I'm creating the N E W Etsy store, and is named after my painting: The Card Tree...

The link is: www.TheCardTree.etsy.com

Make sure to BOOKMARK it.
They will be lots going on there for the nexts years to come!

It will open ufficially on the 11th of June.

There will all soarts of eco-friendly items, especially handmade cards, writing sets, prints & grocery bags.

I'm really excited by all of this!

All items are perfect for the lovely ritual of gift-giving as I put a lot of effort into the package.
Also, most of the item are under 8£!

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  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2008

    Ciao Giulia!!! Ti scrivo in italiano, così sai che ho visto le tue crazioni. Belle! Potresti impiantare di certo un'attività. Il tuo blog sembra interessante, però mi ci vorrà un pò per visitarlo, perchè direi che ho qualche difficoltà con l'inglese...un abbraccio forte tutto o quasi in italiano! Guendalina
    ps: Elena is in love with...


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