31 May 2008

Brand New Postcards: Red Dress

Hi Everyone!!!
Another day at The Artist Studio and Im here today to present my new collection of art postcards...

The packaging of these cards is of course eco-friendly... It could easily biodegrade in your little backyard compost...!

Coming Soon at The Card Tree.etsy.com!

Have a great week end,

30 May 2008

Wodden Heart Shaped Drawing Pins

Hi Everyone,
hope you all well.

This is one of my last creation for The Card Tree...

10 little super cute wodden heart shaped drawing pin!
Very original, and it would make your work desk very romantic indeed...

They come in this red lavanda fragranced bag; (that could even be reused for wrapping a little gift for your loved one!)

Put a little love in the everyday work life!

Coming Soon on The Card Tree,


I think I will make some more, as they are so lovely!
You can find them in my shop


28 May 2008

NEW Creation: The Shell Mirror

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a good half term week end...

Mine was lovely! The weather has been very cold and Christmassy, which is great!

Been working on random jobs quite a lot... barely had some time to log in the blog this week!
Anyway, I just manage to finish the little mirror for the bathroom commission, what do you think?

I love it so mcuh that I would like to keep it for myself.

But it's my donation for the staff bathroom of Juniper Hall Field Centre, so I really have to let it go.
I'm sure that everyone will enjoy it there.

Some supplies arrived today so, I'm so happy and ready to: CREATE !

I adore my supplies. The eco-friendly young company where I'm buying from makes all soarts of recycled paper boxes and stuff like that.
Sometimes I spend hours just looking at their web site!

Thinking about making some handmade writing sets. Will write more about this idea.

21 May 2008

NEW: Blue Cards

Hi Guys!!!

Just a short not today to write about my latest LIMITED EDITION ART cards...

And this is the back of each of these cards:

Do you like them?
You can tell me what you think writing at: giuliamauri@gmail.com
or simply leaving a comment right here.

19 May 2008

Little Shoes Cards

Hi Everyone...
hope you all had a great week end.

Here at the Artist Studio I've got good news! Today my Shoes cards have been delivered!

They are gorgeous!

This photo was taken by me during my art exhibition in Perarolo di Cadore, (a little village in the Pre-alps of Italy).

Set in a very old mansion house I exhibited many big watercolours with the journey theme.

I placed these little red shoes on the windowsill in the room I was exhibiting. The shoes by the window and those repeated in the watercolours created a link between real life and a memory.

A packet of these cards with nice matching envelopes will be soon posted in The Card Tree shop!

Take care
and have a good week.


16 May 2008

Shells and bottles

H e l l o !
I love this. I've been asked to decorate the bathroom of my shared accomodation using my talent for painting and love for sea creatures and shells. So today I'm working on this new exciting project. The idea is to decorate mirrows and possibly walls of the bathroom with a sea themed ornament. So I gathered all my shells on my desk and I sketched a few ideas...

I've decided to paint some shells on the walls, just on top of the shelves, so they look like they are actually there... and I'm gona decorate the two mirrows with shells as well.

Here a couple of sketches for you to look at.

I really love Message in a bottle as well. I'm working on a few Message in a Bottle project for my shop. I'll keep you posted on this. Love, Giulia

15 May 2008

The Card Tree

Hi Everyone!

I've been so busy lately that didn't have much time to write...!
I'm creating the N E W Etsy store, and is named after my painting: The Card Tree...

The link is: www.TheCardTree.etsy.com

Make sure to BOOKMARK it.
They will be lots going on there for the nexts years to come!

It will open ufficially on the 11th of June.

There will all soarts of eco-friendly items, especially handmade cards, writing sets, prints & grocery bags.

I'm really excited by all of this!

All items are perfect for the lovely ritual of gift-giving as I put a lot of effort into the package.
Also, most of the item are under 8£!

13 May 2008

Handmade Pledge

Hello Everyone!

As I decided to create my own Art & Craft shop,
I have decided to take the Handmade Pledge!

You can take it too, right here!


12 May 2008

My old sketchbook

Hi my lovelies!

Remember that a couple of days ago I posted some paintings about the girl and the red dress...?
Well on my last trip home I got the chance to take some pictures from my old sketchbook.
I love old sketchbooks.

Maybe unconsciously I put them in places and forget about them for a couple of years just so that I can find them again and fall in love with my drawings, and say "I have missed you so much"!

I'm tempted to make cards out of these paintings.

And I would also like to see some prints done of them... But i really can't affort it at the moment.
Got to wait :(

Hope you like them as much as I do.


11 May 2008

Scented mini cushions

Hi, Happy Mother's day everyone...!

Spent this lovely day making these three scented cushions to sell on The Card Tree store...

They are perfect draw scented sachets (lavanda essetial oil scent) or simply cushions for your doll's house!

They come in this lovely recycled paper box...

A perfect eco-friendly gift for someone special...

You can find them here.

lots of love!

09 May 2008

Blue wizard

Hi Everybody!

Today I've been working on a new character of mine,
the blue wizard.
Here a few pictures of him.

He is a very strange and complex character to work on, but i love it!
I love the fact that he his all blue and he'got mistery on his eyes...

Somehow it reminds me of very old and scary indian-chinese fairytale that I read when I was little...

Shall I make some prints out of this pictures you think?!
let me know...
I always love to read your comments...!

Take Care

08 May 2008

The Red Dress

Hi Everyone...
here at the artist studio it has been another very busy day...

During the ideas hour I worked on one of my obsessions, that is the red dress...
There are lots of different types of red. I would say that my red is in between the vermillion and the carmine red.

This colour it has always been rich of meaning:
life, love, passion and pain. The colour of anger, power, adventure and challenge, religion, joy, and so on...

A few years ago I came up with the story of this young girl, with a long red dress, and red shoes.

These elements would accompany her on her journeys... the journeys of colours as i called it sometimes...

On today's painting the girl is vanished... the dress remains. Becomes more puffed, floats in the sky or simply rests... on a red wall.

I'm planning on printing some cards about this...


ps: Red Dress cards are ready!!! You will find them here!
Also planning on doing some prints on this subject. Like really tiny prints on a lovely FSC wood frame...

07 May 2008

Stroll on Box Hill

Hi Everyone,
Today it has been such a lovely day.
Went for a stroll on Box Hill... very relaxing and inspiring...

Just sitteing there, listening to the music and drawing my feet. I love drawing my feet... i think they look nice!

Right... you must be thinking, this girl is absolutly crazy...
so I better put my self togeter and talk about work!

I'm still looking for a web designer to make my web gallery here...
So if you are one and you want to do it, you can send me and email at


06 May 2008

Wool Wreath

Hi Everyone...

Another beautiful sunny day here in Surrey.
Perfect day to create things...!

Spent the day making a Spring Wool Wreath with bell...

Soon it will be on the market in my on-line shop.

Have a nice day


p.s.: 20th July 2008, It was sold at the Butterfly Festival! Caroline bought it so now this cute little wreath must be somewhere in France... how exciting is that!
I love when my creations go abroad...!


04 May 2008

Lost and Found


Today i have found a very old diary of mine, 2002...!

lots of memories, poems and dreams...

even this is a dedication from the italian writer Stefano Tassinari, who i met the year during his book presentation! how exciting. he is such a bright writer. love him!

Reading though the pages of this diary reminded me how creative I was before going to uni.
Somehow there i lost my creativity there, and now i have to learn everything all over again.
But it's fun.
Some artist said that you have to study everything, then you have to forget everything, then you have to make your own rules... i agree.

have a lovely week & enjoy the bank holiday!


03 May 2008

The Card Tree

Hello everyone!

This is one of my favorite watercolours I did, The Card Tree.

A old style fairy-tale tree, rich in fruits, which are letters and cards...

This painting also holds a special place in my heart as it represents my dreams...

My enviromenally friendly creations in a lovely online shop!!!

The Tree represent the nature, the circle of life.
The fact that he is alive and heathy that we don't need to cut down trees to have paper and we can (and we have to) reuse and recycle the one that we already have!

The love letters on the grass, like leaves they go back to the circle of life...

You guys have a lovely week end,
hope its sunny were you are as it is here!


02 May 2008

Pilgrim Angry Cd Cover Project

Hi Guys!

Here some sketches of the Pilgrim Angry (P.A) Cd cover design project that i promise to post...

This is the Pilgrim wondering on his long journey.

This is the Pilgrim at the bottom of the mountain

And this is the Pilgrim looking up the temple.

More pictures will be posted in the next few days...
I have lots of ideas about this theme!!!

Have a great Friday night and of course, a lovely week end!