31 December 2008

New Year's Resolution

Hello Hello!
And Happy New Year E veryone...

This is a Greenpeace video I hope you'll enjoy it. If you do, share it with a friend!

30 December 2008

♥ Welcome Back

Hello my dears,

Trust you all had a lovely Christmas time.
I sure did, and I will post some Christmassy pictures in the next couple of days.
For now, just a short note to let you know that all my shops are now up running again, ready for the new year!

Visit me at Etsy, DaWanda, and Folksy.

Coming soon in the New Year two new online shops!

21 December 2008

Baking Holiday Biscuits

Merry Christmas!

Today I spent the day with my mum baking lots of yummi biscuits!
They are so pretty and especially tasty!

We are going to hang them on the Christmas tree in England on Christmas Eve!
Such a nice - old fashion - medieval tradition,
and I can't wait! Tree is going to look and taste so amazing!!!


A merry little Thank You

Hello my dear little Elves!

Thank you so much for your comments about the eco-bags, it was so much appreciated!
I will do a poll here in the blog to decide the name of the new eco bag store, and I'm going to need all your help... so, stay tuned!

Sending you lots of love and a warm Christmas hug!

Let it snow!


17 December 2008

Christmas Holidays!

Hello my dears!

I'm so so sorry I haven't been able to write much latetly.
But I have been just so busy like a little Santa's elf!

Lots of presents to find and to wrap up for family and friends,
the good old english tradition of writing Xmas cards,
sending off all the last orders and commissions before the holidays...

The shop will be closing for Christmas from today to the 28.
I'm going to give myself a little break and relax during this holidays.

Perhaps I will keep writing on the blog but hopefully not too much about about work!
Sending you all the best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

Fondly, Giulia

Ideas For The New Year!

Hello my dears!

I'm so so sorry I haven't been able to write much lately.
But I have been just so busy like a little Santa's elf!!!

Lots of presents to find and to wrap up for family and friends,
the good old English tradition of writing Xmas cards,
and most important...
sending off all the last orders and commissions before the holidays!

Lately lots of people asked me about the handmade tote bags that are no longer available in the store.
Well, I have decided to take them away from The Card Tree as they were creating a little bit of confusion... after all The Card Tree it's a card shop, and I really have to try to keep it nice and tidy.

My Eco Bags Collection is still available, but currently only under request.
If you are interested feel free to contact me and I can post a listing in the shop just for you!

Prices vary from £6.50 to £12.50 depending on size and design (the more elaborate the more expensive)

They come in all soarts of design, perfect especially as gift to someone as they present so well in The Card Tree natural packaging and gift tags.

These bags are made with Organic and Fair trade certified cotton, then hand-painted by me, one by one.
I never print the artwork on my cotton bags as I belive that the print doesn't last as many years as the fabric paint and with the time fades and cracks. But paint... that's love at first sight, so very personal and soft at the touch!

I make them especially to promote the re-use of the bags and avoid using plastic bags.

So, as my Eco Bags have been such a success so far,
I'm planning of opening an Eco friendly tote bag shop on Etsy in the new year! Hooray!
I'm so excited about this one!

I'm currently looking for a good name... mmmh rumble rumble...
(Quoting - duck tales)

The name of a shop is so very important for a business and I want to get it right.
Please do write me your thoughts or ideas about my new Eco Friendly tote bag store.
It would be so very much appreciated!

Lots of Love,


09 December 2008

Christmas Countdown!

Hello my dears!
I trust you had all a lovely week end.

We spent ours celebrating a family's birthday.
It was so lovely!
Everyone bring some homemade goregeous food: pizza, sausage rolls, kisches, muffins, birthday cake! Amazing. After the Gala Night on Thursday I really needed a this little break and a rest!

This week we decorated our Christmas Tree. This year we put color lights on our tree insted of white ones. I like color lights, it remids me of the Good Old Fashion Christmas Trees, the 80's and my childhood.

Our it's such a big tree! About 2 meters tall. I can't reach the top unless I use a chair!
Isn't beautiul?!

More of my work coming soon,
in the meantime,

Keep counting the days to Christmas, otherwise Santa might not arrive!
Lots of Christmas Hugs!

03 December 2008

It's tomorrow!

Hello my Dears!

Can you belive it? The Gala Night is tomorrow!
I'm so excited, is going to be great!

I've been very busy preparing all soarts of goods for the event and I'm determined to make my stall the best looking one in the whole of the Gala!

If you come and see me please take some pictures of The Card Tree stall and post the here!

Must get back to work...

Hope to see many of you there!



01 December 2008

New Art Shop

Hello my Dears...

Happy 1st December!

It has been such a beautiful sunny day here in EEEngland (quote:Stardust)!
Sun & cold wintery weather (4°C)!
Despite the temperature I still wore my skirt and my "silly little boots" (quote: Bridget Jones) when I went to town this morning. And it felt like Christmas was is in the air (to make sense you should really be reading this last bit like if you were singing: Love Is In The Air).

All the lights are on, all the shops have Christmas goods, people are wearing red coarts and scarf (althought I did see a guy with shorts as well, crazy or it's just me?!)
By the way...
I felt like making a Christmas present to my self.

That was... a brand NEW ART SHOP!

It's beautiful. You have to see it!

Every painting you see is available as Cards, Matted Prints, Laminated Prints, Mounted Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints and Posters!
The artwork is full of my blue paintings, and you can even purchase the Cd Cover Poster that I did for Pigrim Angry!

You can even find pictures of The Card Tree.
Now that is something, isn't?


27 November 2008

Special invitation for you!

Buona sera miei cari,
Siete tutti quanti invitati alla Festa di Natale!

Good evening my dears,
You are all invited at the Gala Night of Dorking this year!

Come and meet The Card Tree in person on December the 4th!

You will find my cute stall on West Street Church from 6pm to 9pm!
Everyone usually dresses up, and this years theme is “Heroes & Villains” !
Sounds like great fun!

To view all the details and invite all your friends to the event with only 1 click,
visit this page!


26 November 2008

Reindeer Christmas Cards

Hello Hello!

Have you bought your Christmas cards already?
I hope not because I just completed the Reindeer stationary gift set!!

Is awesome!
Beautifully decorated with 5 cute reindeer, made with 100% recycled paper!

The gift set contains 5 letter sheets, 3 greetings cards and 8 envelopes.
Comes wrapped up with biodegradable sleeve.

The Reideer collection is also available in set of cards!

The set includes 5 cards and 5 envelopes.
And you can also purchase single cards here!

So exciting!

In the shop by this evening!


24 November 2008

Hazel meet the Card Tree

Hello! Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a lovely week end...
I'm so pleased that so many of you have started to advertise your stores on my page! I'm so happy to support little stores like mine!

I have something to show you today...
It's Hazel meeting the Card Tree!
I took picture while I was painting it. Thought you might like to see all the stages!

I draw the scene, painted the tree

I painted the snow, path and Hazel.
My favorite bit are her socks!

and here there is!
I painted the rest of the scene and draw the detail with a small ink pen.

The beauty of this painting and this story is that Hazel dosen't yet know that the tree is a Card Tree...!
But she senses that this tree has something special...

To be continued...

23 November 2008

The Card Tree in the Fall

Hello my dears!
Just wanted to share with you my lastes painting of The Card Tree in his autumn coat!

Do you like it? I love it!
There are still some final tuches that I want to do, like the little hearts on the letters that lay on the grass with the leaves...

I'm also planning of portrait The Card Tree it in the winter as well! Perhaps arrange a meeting between lovely Hazel and The Card Tree in a Winter Wonderland!
But I have to wait for some snow to come along though!

Stay tuned, I'll let you know about that one...

Yesterday I recived a very plesent surprise!
My dear friend Rebecka sent me the most beautiful Birthday present!

It's a blue Quill to write all my letters and practice with my calligraphy...
Love it!
I'm such a lucky girl.

I have set up some advertising with Project Wonderful! There are plently of free spaces for $ 0.00! I'd love to have them full with Etsians. So if you are interested to advertise your business for free, click on the icons and it will take you directly to Project Wonderful web site.

Have a lovely Sunday!


20 November 2008

Update ready for you!

Hello my dears!

In the last week I've been working very much on the shop update, and now is almost ready for you!
Go and visit, tell me what you think!

I really like it, looks very seasonal and wintery.
There are different types of Christmas cards already avaible, and they are so cute!
This is one of the watercolor I've used:

Let it Snow

it's so sweet isn'it?!
I'd like to call her Hazel, as this is my favorite name but I'm not sure yet. Do you think she look like Hazel?

Well, about the shop I'm so very proud that I finally reached a listing of 40 items!
My next goal will be 80!

I can't really wait to give to everyone more choice with every occasion cards, Birthdays, annyversary, new baby etc...!

I'm also planning on developing more new exciting products like gift rap recycled paper (stamped with potato stamp!), gift tags and stickers!
I prepared some small watercolor for the stickers already, but now I have to find a supplyer.It's really hard to find eco friendly round printable labels. (if you hear or see anything, give me a shout!)

In the next update there will also be a beautiful recycled paper stationary set that will contain:
-letter paper,
and the theme of the set will be my Card Tree watercolor.

Apart from this lovely news about the shop and the future works, last night it was the most horrible night in my life. Perhaps some of you won't belive this, but you don't have to read it if you don't want to.
This happen around 5am. I woke up after dreaming about my shop and I was layd on my back. I switched position on the side to carry on sleeping. Right in that moment, I heard a voice of an old woman wispering at me "Yes, that's ok", and breathing heavily on my neck.
My whole body went cold, I was very scared as the breath of this presence carryed on... The second seems to last hours! I was sweating cold and suddently I was hot and needed to get out of the duvet. But I didn't have the curage to expose myself, or to turn around to see who was behind me! This presence obviously knew that I was awake, otherwise why talking to me like that?! And what did those words meaning?
I'm thinking perhaps this lady wanted to assure me about my worrying towards myshop, but why? And if it was a positive presence why was I so afraid?
After about 30 seconds of beeing there, the presence left, but I could not sleep for the rest of the night.
Have you had something like this happening to you?

17 November 2008

15 November 2008

Birthday Design

Hello my dears!

All the Birthdays celebrations that we had lately in the family have inspired me to create a line of Birthday Cards to sell my my shop!

I made this watercolor using my watercolor pencils, that I was telling you about yesterday.
Dosen't it look faboulos?! I love it!

Pink Cup Cake with candle

Is printed on 100% Recycled paper, comes with matching envelope and look!

The paper contains hundreds of silver sparks!

Very cute!

Don't worry boyz...
I'm coming up with a line of Birthday cards to you too!
Visit again in the next few days to see it!


14 November 2008

New Blog Look!

Hello my lovelies!

It took me all yesterday to change to look of my blog, but finally I did it...
And I have to say, I'm really proud of the results!
What do you think?
The Blog is now called The Card Tree Blog, and It will focus on the Online Shop, The Card Tree.

Gosh! Isn't html difficult to understand? I woudn't have managed to change my template to a three column one without Ashwini wonderful tutorial!

There are still other things I would like to add on the sides bar but at the moment I need to concentrate on the Winter Update which is coming on the 20th!

On this matter, I would like to present you my...

As these beauty's are coloring my Winter Designs!

I adore Watercolor pencils! They remind me of when I was a little girl!
I actually recived the first set of 12 Carandage pencils when I was nine years old, for Befana, the italian post-Christmas tradition (see the video).

These watercolor pencils are so very easy to use then watercolor. I think they are great for kids!
The only thing you might find is that the color gets a little too pale when you water it. But all you need to do then is to leave it to dry and colour it one more time afterwards!

These are a couple of Christmas designs that I've developed for The Card Tree collection cards.

Do you like them?
There are more design coming soon, so stay tuned...!

Take Care


13 November 2008

Blog Updates

Hello my dears!

Thank you very much for all your nice comments,
you are sweet!
Just a short note to let your know that I'm doing some Template updates and things might look a bit funny at times...
Just bare with me for a few days and things will go back to normal soon!



11 November 2008

Bithday Wishes

Don't tell me... today is your Birthday too?!


Happy Birthday to you! Have a great happy day, eat lots of cake and open many presents...

Oooh, today isn't your Birthday? Then... you can indeed sing along this pretty song...

A very merry

Unbirthday to you,

To you, A very merry

Unbirthday to you,

To you,

It's great to

Drink to someone ,

And I guess that

You will do,

A very merry

Unbirthday to you!

Have a lovely day


(Song from Alice in Wonderland, All rights Reserved)

09 November 2008

Birthday Time

It's Birthday time!
Today is my mum's Birthday!

Have prepared for her some lovely surprises!

First: I'm flying to Italy to see her! There is nothing better then spend some time together.
Second: I have designed a special Birthday card for her! It's so sweet!
Third: Have made her this lovely present...

It's a shopping tote bag made with Organic and Fairtrade cotton, beautifully painted with her favorite animal, the dolphin!

The bag also say Salva il mare which means Save the Sea.
I know she will love it.

Before wrapping it all up nicely I have also put three other presents inside (those are wrapped up too), such as:
a No°7 Mascara, (Absolutely Gorgeous!) Lovely Eye liner pencil (green-blue to mach with her eyes), Colorful fruty labels (to use on her homemade creations like jam and marmalade)

It is also Birthday time for me soon! I'm so excited, can't wait! Is going to be in 2 days time! Hooray! So nice to celebrate the date of your birth. isn't?

I shall be back in England by then, and of course we are waken up early just to make a Full English Breakfast and open all my birthday presents. (I really dislike waiting all day for my presents when you have the opportunity to have them early and enjoy them all day long!)

On the 11th friends and family are going to be busy so I will spend the day working with my art... I would really like to draw with my new watercolor pencils lots of beautiful seasonal scenes for my Winter in the shop (coming soon on the 20th!)!

I shall indeed have a proper Birthday Tea with Jason on the week end.
I do hope that the weather is going to be seasonal wintery and cold, so we can enjoy our dinner in front of the fireplace!


31 October 2008

Halloween Special - Do It Yourself Tutorial: Pumking Gnocchi

What better why to celebrate the Autumn season then cooking Pumking gnocchi?

Gnocchi di zucca is a tipycal italian dish, very yummy!

You've got to try it out!

All you need:

- 500 gr Pumking

- 100 gr Flour

- 50 gr Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese

- 10 Sage leaves

- 80 gr Butter

-1 egg

Serves 4 (0r 2, depending on dish size!)

Peal and clean the pumking, cook it in the avon at 160° for 25 min.
Then mash the cooked pumking.

Add the flour, the egg, the cheese & seasoning.
Mash it all up very well - add four to make the gnocchi dough if it appears a little runny.

Boil the water, add a spon of sea salt.
Meanwhile, in a large frying pan melt the butter and add some sage leaves (save a couple of leaves for the plates).

{You can also try with dried mashroom and butter!}

When the water is ready, make some gnocchi with the dough using two teaspoons and throw the directly into the water, one by one.
When the gnocchi comes up to the surfice it means they are ready!
Test one before cooking them all. Sometimes if they are a little too soft you just need to add more flour to the dough. When they are ready put them in the frying pan and allow to rest for 30 sec-1 minute.
Serve with more Parmiggiano Reggiano and a sage leaf.

Buon appetito!

30 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Hello Hello!

Hope you are all well and ready for Halloween!

We are having lots of fun carving our punkings latetly!

Vicki carved this one yesterday, isn't gorgeous?! I think it looks so sweet!

Tomorrow night will be punking gnocchi...yummy!

A very Happy Halloween!

16 October 2008

Autumn Shop Update!

Hello my dears!

I've got news for you...
There will be an amazing Shop Update next week!

I'm so excited!
Lots of new sets of eco friendly cards, writing sets, postcards, message in the bottle.

Hooray for nature!

See you there
on the 24th October, 5 pm (GTM)

13 October 2008

The Card Tree on Facebook!

Dear my lovelies!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments
regarding my new sets of cards!
I really appreciate each of them...

I've got something for you today!
If you are familiar with facebook
why not:

Giulia's supporting group is a lovely way to get involved in The Card Tree world!

Participating to the seasonal events, the internet forum, visit all the relevant links
& to see all The Card Tree pictures!

You will also receive a quarterly short news letter about the shop updates, seasonal sale and special discounts.

Hope to see you there!



09 October 2008

My favorite place in town ~ the Caffé Rouge

Voilà ici !
Celle-ci est ma place préférée en pays…
Il est un' atmosphère unique et me plaît m'arrêter ici pour me boire une tasse de té en regardant hors des fenêtres.

juste comme Edgar Allan poe et Benjamin après leur convalescence*
Ne te trouves pas même que soit superbe ?

p.s.: Excusées si j'écris en français, mais sapete… faut sont dans craint !

08 October 2008

Thank You Cards

My dears, my dears! Hello!

I have more juicy news from The Card Tree!

Today I created some beautiful sets of Thank You cards!

They are made of 100% recycled paper, ribbed brown, blank backed, so so lovely...

I also made this recycled paper box to put them and I think they look gorgeous in it!

Each packet contains 10 postcards, and the box can be reused over and over to put nice things in
(like cards from your friends, stickes, a little notebook...etc.)

You can find them right here!


07 October 2008

New Custom Writing Set

Hello my Lovelies...!

Another beautiful item is added to The Card Tree Autumn collection,
that is: I made one Writing Set of this kind for Carla, from the Cat Productions, as a present last week:

Is very sweet...
I put her name & a little cat next to it in the upper right corner of each sheet of paper.
I also wrote her address on each envelope so is all ready to go!

Carla recived the writing set yesterday (after only 6 days! hooray for the mail!) and sent me a lovely thank you message.
I'm so delighetd that the gift was appreciated!

If you like this set you can find it right here!


Take Care

06 October 2008

New Custom Cards!

Happy Autumn my Dears!

Today I'm delighted to introduce at The Card Tree:

Handmade, 100% Eco Friendly & Gorgeous!

Perfect as present and for your special corrispondence...

The set of 5 cards and matching envelopes comes all wrapt up really nicely in a brow recycled paper bag and raffia bow!

You can find them right here!

03 October 2008

Birdcages Paintings

Hello my Dears.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Here for you to look at, some some pictures of my lastest work about Birdcages.
Have a good look and let me know you thoughts!

Caged bird, Ink on paper

Vintage Birdcage, ink on paper

Birdcage of the new born, Ink on paper
This is a egg birdcage, very odd indeed...

I'm not a fairy, Ink on paper

This is a little girl dressed up as a fairy, and someone put it the cage!
Poor little thing.

It's all for now, but I have lots coming up soon, including the october SHOP UPDATE!



29 September 2008


Hello my lovelies!

This is my latest purchase on Etsy!

It's a lovely rusty birdcage,
Real tiny, only cm 3.5!
So cute. Is killing me!
I bought it in the beautiful Covet and Crave shop!

I just adore it!
I have a whole series of birdcages paintings and ink drawings that I've been working on in the last week. I can't wait to post the pictures! Perhaps tomorrow.
Be patient..
There is a lot going on at the Artist studio...!

At the moment I'm also working on the New Autumn & Winter and collection of cards and writing sets, avaible in my shop this October!!!

A shop Update will follow. Shall keep you super-duper-updated.

Poppy the cat is here right now to keep me company...

She is the sweetest. I will miss her when she goes...

Giulia and Poppy