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06 November 2012

Give me all the flickering lights...

Hello you guys,
 hope you are well.

If you are following my work on my Facebook Art Page, you already know all about my latest video art projects.

If you are not... well...why?!
Only kidding... if you are not, this is your update.

I fell in love with Wirrow's poem instantly.
I used my autumn footage from my video 'trip home' and music by Eaneikciv (things, a tiny tune).
More work by these artist an be found on their hitRECord page, please check them out!
I left images quite raw.
I hope you enjoy it. have a smashing week!

29 October 2012

Sacre - Blood Runs Deep Video for Silicon

Hello you guys,
I hope you are all well and had a smashing week end.

Despite not having been to well this past week, I have not stopped working.
I release three videos this week and this is one of them:

Silicon - Blood Runs Deep (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

To find out more about Silicon you can visit:


Check it out and give it some love!!!

15 October 2012

Mark's Portrait - Version n* 2

Hi guys!
I realised that the first version of my Time Lapse painting was a little too long; so I made it faster!

 I hope you like this.

Have a great week,

15 August 2012

Are you a Happy Bee?

Hello Darlings,
just a very quick note before going to sleep tonight…
i'm so excited to be going to Italy in the morning…

Here is the new illustration and Time Lapse video of my 
'Happy Bee'

for 'The Bee Series'

Look forward to do more…
love to you all,


23 July 2012

Cute bee + lavender field

Hello guys,
hope you are having a great day.
we are all more then cheerful today, since the sun has decided to shine!
it's a miracle…
Apparently it will be hot and sunny all week… yay!

Yesterday we went to a Lavender Field near where we live.
it was AMAZING. the scent of lavender was absolutely incredible and all you could hear was the buzzing of the busy bees collecting their pollen from the flowers.

Twist kept trying to catch the bees with her mouth! I had to tell her off a few times…

Yesterday last night I finished editing the latest speed painting video!
This illustration is the first on of a bee series I'm doing for the Surrey Beekper and will soon be available as cards and prints…

I hope you enjoy.
To be notified when the new videos are published you can just subscribe to my Illustration Channel.

Much love

19 July 2012

Painting in action

My dearest,
I hope you are all well, and happy.
I'm so excited this week since I have just entered a new venture that I've been wanting to pursue for quite sometime: 

Speed Painting Videos

Now I have a camera, a decent computer, a movie editor program + a tripod.
As Dean says in Serendipity:
'Everything feels great, stars are aligned, body and spirit are in balance"
 it is meant to be.
I did my first one on Sunday and Its was great fun.
You can now see it on my les arts vous télé canal, ah ah.
et voilà:

s'il vous plaît, comme la vidéo!
{don't be mad, but i just love to use french words when i absolutely unnecessary}

20th July 2012

This artwork is now available as iPod and iPhone cases, mounted prints, matte, and canvases…
right here