Are you interested to licensing one of my existing illustrations in my portfolio?
Please drop me a message here

If you are interested in commissioning me NEW artwork, please read on to the next paragraph.


I create all my illustration using old fashioned watercolour, acrylics and inks. I then scan my originals to obtain the high definition images that you will receive by e-mail.


1. Get in touch:

You can do so by emailing me, and let me know the following:
  • What are you looking for?
  • How will my illustration be used? personal / commercial web site, poster, magazine spread, card illustration, cd cover, t-shirt ect.
  • Is there any particular requirement you are looking for in the Work?

Please be as specific as you can. If there are any particular images, photographs or music that you would like to me to look at to better understand your needs, please send them as well.

2. Agreement of Engagement:

Before we I can begin working for you, you will need to sign an agreement of engagement and returned it via e-mail. This is standard procedure in the world of illustration. This agreement assures to you that deadlines are met in time, and defines all of the means of our contract. Please note that the sale of the Artwork does not transfer the Artist copyrights, nor the right to reproduce it the Artwork outside the means of the written agreement without the artist permission. If you require to use the Illustration further you will be required to sign another agreement. 

Prices of a custom illustration may vary according to:

  • type of illustration
  • size
  • technique used
  • pigments used
  • how you will be using my illustration.

I require half of the total payment before I begin working on your illustration, and the other half on completion.

3. Three Stages of of the Project completion

1) 2-3 black and white pencil/ink sketches and other ideas followed by an email and telephone conversation (if your are based in the UK) or Skype (if you are based abroad) to discuss my work with you. You pick the one you like the most and then let me know if you would like anything changed.

2) Next, I will begin working on a fully developed sketch with colours. Again, this will be followed by an email and telephone or skype conversation with you. If you request changes I'll do one more round of revision for you to approve before moving on to the final artwork.

3) Final Artwork completed. I will send you a last watermarked proof, and once I get the ok form you and your final payment I will send the final high resolution image via e-mail. Please note that I will be unable to send the final work until the payment has been received, which can be a few days after you have sent it.