21 August 2013

Woodland Dream Wedding

We were recently invited to what i think was the best wedding ever.
a woodland wedding!!!
{click images to enlarge}

It was absolutely magical!!!
So peaceful, happy, creative, earth friendly, it was nice and cool, surrounded by green…

All of the crockery and all of the glasses used at the event were bought at second hand shops and charity shops, and they all looked spectacular on the table!

The woodland is being looked after so well; there are hundreds of butterflies and beautiful specimens of rare plants. There are mystical creations all around, amongst the trees, hiding in secret places… oh! ts just magical… At one point we even saw two deers chasing each other for ages around the trees! (maybe they were playing hide 'n seek?) The location, Shadow Wood, is absolutely stunning…

The have yurts for guests to stay overnight and also cabins… but not ordinary cabins! These cabins:

Aren't they amazing? I just fell in love with the place, I must admit!
At shadow wood they host woodland craft, nature and healing courses; I would highly recommend a visit if you have the chance!

Jason and I were asked to use are creative talents to create wooden made signs to direct people around the woods, since the place it's quite big! So Jason made them and I painted them in the requested 'rustic-shabby chic' style.  

I decorated them with little bunches of fresh white and purple lavender and natural raffia.

Here is them in my house and in the woodland; i definitely like more in their natural environment them surrounded by the green of the trees…

 I would like by conclude saying:
Many congratulations to the Beautiful couple Hannah and Jorick!
thank you for letting us be part of your special day...
Much love to you both


ps. i might few more pictures in the next few days!

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