28 January 2015

Society 6 store

Now days are getting longer, walks are getting fresher, more and more things are happening!
Love these #happydays.
Been posting lots of everyday pics over here

Very happy to say that you can now buy my art on Society 6.

I love Society 6 products, and Artists Customer Care. 
When I sell work there, I get paid right away!

So nothing like Red Bubble, who over the years has NEVER paid for my sales, and refuses to pay me for my past orders! It's unbelievable.

So I have removed all of my artworks from Red Bubble, and I now selling on Society 6.
Click on the image below to see my store front!

13 January 2015

Waffles = Happiness

When you wake up at the sun is shining is the best, right?
Well today was one of those days. I woke up thinking: 'Todays, it's going to be great!'

I made some freshly squeezed orange juice and chocolate waffles! Yummy!!!
Here is the recipe for these bad boys. 
Enjoy it.

Vegan Waffle Recipe:

(This recipe makes 4 waffles in an Andrew James waffle maker - if you have a larger machine double the size)

1 cup of organic plain flour
1 teaspoon sugar (I use Raw Coconut Palm)
1/2 teaspoon salt (I use pink Himalayan salt or sea salt)
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla (I use organic vanilla paste)
1 spoon of melted coconut oil (gently melt it at low heat)
1 cup of rice milk 

Put all of the dry ingredients in a bowl; mix well. add the wet ingredients and mix again, removing all of the lumps of flour. Takes a couple of minutes. i squash the mixture on the side of the bowl with a wooden spoon.

Vegan Chocolate Sauce Recipe:

(Makes enough for 2 waffles; I usually have 2 chocolate waffles the other 2 with lemon and rice syrup!)

1 spoon raw coconut oil 
1 spoon of sugar (I use raw coconut palm sugar)
1 spoon of chocolate powder (I use raw cocoa)
2 spoons of rice milk

Gently melt 1 spoon of coconut oil at very low heat. Add the sugar, mix well, add the chocolate powder. Mix well. Add a little rice milk and mix again. And it's done!

Been enjoying all of the music I received for xmas. this one is one of them. #love it!

02 January 2015

Miracle, the Bee

This is the story of Miracle.
Miracle is a Bee, I found yesterday on the outside windowsill of my lounge.
She was completely still and looked completely dead. What are you doing there wolly?! Shouldnt you be in hibernation somewhere warm and cosy?

However, since I had not see her there in the morning, It could not have been there too long.
I picked her up, (and while doing her dropped her on the floor... sorry bee!!!)
It was dark out, so I went and got a touch, and found her in amongst the sage.
I put her on a tray and put a drop of Manuka honey that I had since my pre-vegan days, and placed it right next to her little face. No sign of life.

I was praying that she would come back, and while doing that, I began blowing warm air on her. Nothing, nada. But after about a minute, of blowing hot air, I saw that her leg started to move a little! So I carried on. After a little while, she began drinking the Manuka honey! 
I could not believe it!
I found a net cake protector to place on top of the tray before she woke up completely, and kept her in my warm cosy studio. Shortly after she was buzzing around her 'new home'. 
I introduced her to a wild bee come I found in the woods, and she was well excited about that!
Today I gave her a Croatian honeycome that I had in the cupboard since my honeymoon three years ago (seems appropriate!) to munch on, since Manuka honey it's well strong. She is so into it!
I intend to release my little Miracle Bee, but I am a little weary about it, because it has been so cold out there, and I don't want her to die. But according to the Met Office the weather its supposed to be milder, so maybe tomorrow is the day when she will find her freedom once again.
I am so proud to have saved this little bee from sure death, and given her the care she needed. I am looking forward to see her fly away in the morning and pray she will find her way home!
She certainly will have lots to tell her friends back in the nest!
What a way to finish the year and beginning the year, with a Miracle!

Love to you all 

01 January 2015

Thank You Cards Pack Giveaway!

I am giving away packs of Thank You Cards!
For the chance to win a pack, swing over to Facebook and participate to the Giveaway.
These cards and other designs, soon to be published in the SHOP are available in 5 different languages! English, Spanish, French, German & Italian!

Oooh! and... I am feeling so grateful!

a mind boggling 
50500 views on my this blog
2009 views on my art site

which has only been open a couple of months!

Thank you so much for your supporting my work

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30 December 2014

The Best of Christmas 2014

Christmas moments and lovely presents

Wow, what an amazing year this has been! And Christmas was just so special. We went to Italy to see my family and friends just before Christmas, then had the most amazing time at the Lodge, with our cozy fire, our lovely tree and frequent cups of tea.
Here a few of the best Christmas times and a selection of my favourite presents!

1. Watching Polar Express with my family.
We watch it every year, and every year I absolutely fall in love with this song, Believe, written by Glenn Ballard and Alan Silvestri and performed by Josh Gobran. The lyric are very profound and powerful. I can't wait to sing it to my children one day!

2. Frosty mornings right before Christmas. When it's cold outside, you are at home, and you can spend the whole day laying in from of the fireplace, eating, drinking tea, and watching movies.

3. Making the most incredible vegan Chocolate Log, as a surprise for Jason, and feeling super proud of my creation when he found it in the fridge

4. Having Fairy Christmas Lights up in the studio (and not needing to have lights on in the evening there)

5. Seeing Rome at Christmas time with Jason and my friends

6. Loved unwrapping these beautiful golden glass baubles that I got from the Children's Trust for only £8

7. Jason bought me a huge 5kg Pink Salt Lamp. It's amazing... I keep it right by my computer and it has the warmest glow ever...

8. Santa brought me a Raw Chocolate Almond Spread made with sprouted nuts.
Do I need to say anything else?


9. I received a SOHO Aromatherapy diffuser from my mum, dad, sister & brother in law.
This is such a beautiful invention! I keep it by my bed side and use it as a lamp as well as a diffuser.
10. Mum brought me these slippes from Intimissimi.
#love! Mums have the ability to know what is exactly that you need.
I adore them. And yes, they are totally fake sheepskin (and suitable for vegans)

I hope you had the most amazing Christmas time also.
Sending you all many blessings for a wonderful 2015!

13 December 2014

Happy Holidays

Sending you many wishes for a lovely Christmas & a very Happy New Year

I am now on vacation,
all orders, public & wholesale placed between 12th-26th December
will be shipped on the 27th December.

See you all in the New Year



Tasty Date Slices

Hello darlings.
Here is the recipe that I was telling you all about over on Instagram.

Super easy and super tasty!

1 1/2 cup of organic almonds
1 1/2 cup organic oats
1/2 teaspoon of pink salt
10 organic dates
1/4 cup organic virgin coconut oil


25 dates
1/2 cup water


Process all the dry ingredients: oats, salt, almonds. 
Take out 4 spoon flu of ground ingredients for decoration purposes.
Add the 10 dates and process once more.
Gently melt the coconut oil, add the mixture in the pan and whisk.

Press the mixture onto a metal tray lined with parchment paper and press the mixture like you would do with a cheese cake base until firm. 

Process dates and the water together. pour the mixture on top of the 'cheesecake' base.

Use the 4 spoons of ground almonds to decorate the cake.

refrigerate for a couple of hours, then cut the cut the cake into squares. For better taste enjoy after 24 hours of refrigeration.

I hope you like this!
So tasty! So healthy!

08 December 2014

Charity Run

A big thank you to all of you of have helped me to raise funds for the Whales and Dolphins Conservation Society. I did my run today and It rocked! I loved it so much that I will do it again in the spring. 

If you would like to donate, you can do so here.
Thank you so much!