08 May 2015

Vision Exhibition

Hello Everyone!
Are you in London this week end? 
Then pop in to see the Vision Exhibition in Hackney Wick:
My Artwork Closed Down, in being auctioned there as limited edition print and cards at the Vision Exhibition!

I donated this Artworks to support the Papyrus Project that helps young adults coping with issues and works to prevent suicide.

You can buy tickets at the door:

Cre8 Lifestyle Centre
Hackney Wick,
or online here

The exhibition is curated by Shannon Rose Lane - see more about her work and this event here: Shannon's tweets & snaps

20 April 2015

Songbird of my Heart

Hello darlings...

you've seen updates of these painting over on Facebook and Instagram in the past few weeks.
Well now the painting has been completed and here it is... all in time lapse for you to view:

Enjoy, and... dance.
This song is fricking awesome!

17 April 2015


Very exciting!
You can now buy my Limited Edition Prints directly on my web site!

Prices start at £15-£25. When you buy 2 prints, you will also receive a complimentary signed card with your order to keep, frame, or to gift to somebody with great taste. How about that, hey?
I will soon I will also be adding my latest original Artworks on the site as well; prices from original start at £250 a piece.

Click here to check them out.

Have a wonderful day,



15 April 2015

The Cheeky Hedgehog

As you seen on Instagram recently,
I've been sharing some pretty cute images of hedgehogs and of my studio,

and I have also aticipated

that I would be posting a time lapse of this very painting.

Well, here it is!

Cute, trough and trough!
Some of you have asked me about my upcoming Creativity Course. Well, thank you all of your enquiries. I am going to be opening the registrations in the summer, for September start, and soon I will be telling you all more about it, and sharing little snippets of the video course.

If you'd like to receive more info, subscribe to my list (and tick 'workshops')
You will then automatically enter the Yearly Scholarship Draw and have the chance to win the entire course FREE OF CHARGE! I am really excited about this new venture, and I look forward to tell you all more about it!



09 April 2015

Easter Break

This is were we retreat for our Easter Break this year, the New Forest.
It's a really beautiful location were we come back nearly every year. It's so peaceful and calm.

We took our bicycle out on an excursion amongst the big oak trees of the forest for a whole day on Easter Sunday. Had a picnic, enjoyed the rays of spring sunshine and admired wild deers and wild horses.

So magical!
It's the sort of place I could just easily moved to if I found the right little cottage. Perhaps one like this one:

and a tree like this one next to it:

so that I could hang a swing off one of the largest branches.
and if it had a lake like this one near by

with swans and ducks... well I think I would be in heaven!
Have a wonderful day folks!
Leave you with this beautiful tune by the houses:

17 March 2015

Love Bear

Dedicated to all the Love Bears out there.
Keep on being cute, sweet and loving.


17 February 2015

I left my Heart in Rome

Hello Darlings,
Here it is the Time Lapse Video of 

I  L E F T  M Y  H E A R T  I N  R O M E

More time lapse coming soon! 


10 February 2015

Guilt Free Treat

R A W   V E G A N 
i c e - c r e a m

All you need for this:

1. Some frozen fruit
2. Blender

(Blender with frozen dessert option - I use a Champion Juicer, but there are many others)


Freeze your fruit. 
Strawberries and raspberry can go in pretty much as they are (I don't even remove the green bits, I'm so lazy). If you want to make bananas ice cream be sure to ripe your bananas well before freezing. They need to have some black spots on their skin. Then peel the bananas and stick them in freezer chopped in pieces.


Stick the fruit in the blender/juicer and go for it. I like to blend fruit one at the time rather then mix it, but you can do pretty much whatever you like! You really cannot go wrong with this. 

Banana ice-cream is smooth and vanilla like texture, while frozen berries ice-cream will be more like a sorbet. So you can use bananas to make other flavours more creamy.

Hope you enjoy it... send me pictures of your delicious treats!